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Pet-Friendly Apartments

What to Consider When Looking at Pet-Friendly Apartments


When searching for pet-friendly apartments, you’ll want to take some things into consideration that you might not otherwise. For example, your dog (especially if you are planning to get a puppy) will need to go out frequently (for a puppy, even in the middle of the night). In this case, a ground floor apartment may be much more convenient than something on the second or third (or 21st) floor.

The apartment layout is also important. You want enough space for you, your pet, and all the accoutrements that come with a pet. You’ll want a space for your pet’s bed or crate, food bowls, and your cat’s litter box.

Consider the materials used in the apartment, as well. For example, laminate, tile, or vinyl floors are better suited for pets than carpet or hardwood. You’ll have to worry about stains on carpets or scratches on hardwood, so if you rent an apartment with this type of flooring, consider using throw rugs in spaces where your dog frequents and waterproof mats under the bowls.

While a balcony is a terrific amenity for you, it could be less so for your pet. Your cat (or dog, although it’s less common) could fall from the balcony or squeeze through the railings and get lost or hurt. Injuries from balcony falls are so common with cats there’s a name for it: high rise syndrome. But it doesn’t have to be a high fall to hurt your pet. According to PetMD, even a fall from a second-floor balcony could cause injury. If you rent an apartment with a balcony, consider keeping your pet off it. If you want your pet next to you as you enjoy your morning coffee al fresco, try to find a screened-in balcony or an apartment with a sunroom instead.

During your pet-friendly apartment search, be sure to consider the neighborhood. Is it a pet-friendly area? Will you have easy access to sidewalks for dog walks? Are there nearby parks with off-leash areas? Where is the nearest vet’s office or animal hospital? If you’ll be taking your dog to doggie daycare, is your preferred location on your way to work?

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