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ORA Power Rankings Are In

Congratulations W3 Luxury Living


W3 Luxury Living ranked 8th in the J Turner Research with an ORA score of 78.76. The average ORA of all companies in this group is 63.30.


Who is J Turner Research?


J Turner Research is the leading full-circle online reputation management firm empowering multifamily companies with data to drive revenue. With our unique 360-degree process encompassing resident and prospect surveys and reputation management, we enable clients to enhance resident satisfaction, increase closing ratios, and improve online reputation.


ORA Score

J Turner Research pioneered a statistical model to quantify the online reputation of individual properties. This model measures a property’s online reputation across 21+ review sites and ILSs by establishing a single ORA™ score on a scale of 0-100. The ORA™ score serves as the industry standard to measure and benchmark a property/company’s online reputation locally, regionally, nationally and with the competition.


W3 Luxury Living will continue to lead in online reputations, and we will climb even higher in the ORA 2021 rankings!