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National SatisFacts Resident Satisfaction Awards 2019

Congratulations to our communities being a SatisFacts award winner! Below is the list of properties that earned an award-winning Insite® survey score in 2019. In addition, our company won a National SatisFacts Resident Satisfaction Company Award for your Insite® Surveys!

Insite® Survey Property Award Criteria:
• 4.0 or higher and a minimum of 25 completed surveys (for all modules under contract, excluding Move-Out and Takeover surveys)

W3 Insite Award Winners:
Estates at Briggs Ranch
Mansions 54
Mansions at Briggs Ranch
Mansions at Spring Creek
Mansions Woodland V
The Estates 3Eighty
The Estates Woodland
The Grand Estates in the Forest
The Grand Estates Woodland
The Luxe at Creekside
The Mansions 3Eighty
The Mansions at Bayside
The Mansions at Georgetown
The Mansions at Lakeway
The Mansions Mckinney
The Mansions of Wylie
The Mansions on the Lake
The Mansions on The Park
The Towers at Bayside
The Towers of Seabrook
The Towers Woodland
Towers at Spring Creek